20" Clip In Hair Extensions Deluxe Set - #33 Auburn Red

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Colour: #33 Auburn Red

Weight: Super thick 200 grams

Style: Silky Straight

Length: 20" (50cm)

This set is recommended for: Adding full length and volume to all hair types. If your after a completely natural looking result, this set it for you!

Our deluxe clip in hair extensions set includes 5 pieces in the following sizes:

- One 8" wide piece

- One 7" wide piece

- One 6" wide piece

- Two 3.5" wide pieces
With Dollie clip in hair extensions you can enjoy the freedom of clipping-in and clipping-out whenever you wish.

Our clip in hair extensions provide immediate transformation and can be easily applied in minutes without the help of a hair stylist. Dollie clip in hair extensions come in multiple pieces of varying widths so you can choose to add length, colour and volume to give you that glamorous look you deserve.

Our clip in hair extensions are made of 100% natural remy human hair so you can wash, straighten, blow-dry and curl the hair extensions just as if they were your natural hair!


Also included:
  • FREE shipping worldwide
  • FREE section clips
  • 24/7 full customer support

We bet you must have a ton of questions about Dollie Hair Extensions (especially if you're a first time hair extensions wearer)!

Below are questions we frequently receive about our hair extensions, including micro loop hair extensions, remy hair extensions, clip in human hair extensions (real hair extensions), weft hair extensions, the difference between affordable and cheap hair extensions, proper care and use of hair extensions, application of hair extensions, and how to buy hair extensions online.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to buy extensions online by having this support page, so that we can answer your questions and concerns by providing as much information as we can. We also offer quick-response email support to enhance your online experience.

If your question does not appear below, please contact us by emailing info@dolliehairextensions.com.au


About Hair Extensions:

1. What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are strands of human or synthetic hair that can be attached to your scalp through a variety of methods, appearing as if the hair is your own. Hair extensions are used to extend the length of hair, provide volume, or add highlights to your own hair.

2. What quality should I look for when buying hair extensions?

  • Remy hair extensions — Remy hair extensions are a form of human hair that has been grown in one direction with the cuticle intact. Silky and resistant to tangling, remy hair is an excellent choice when shopping for hair extensions.

3. What are hair extensions made from?

Hair used for hair extensions varies in grade and quality. From synthetic to human, hair strands used for extensions, wigs, ponytails, and falls are either fabricated, grown, or collected.

  • Human Hair—The most desirable form, Remy hair, has been cut from a human head of hair, as opposed to residual hair that has fallen or been brushed off.
  • Synthetic Hair—Made from Kanekalon or Toyokalon, synthetic hair costs less than human hair; however, it has limitations not found in real hair that range from heating and styling to texture matching.

4. What is the difference between synthetic and human hair extensions?

Hair extensions made from human hair can be dyed, curled, heated, styled, washed, and treated like natural hair. Hair extensions made from synthetic hair are sensitive to the sun, don’t last as long as human hair, are temperamental to styling, and cannot blend in as well with your real hair. For the few extra dollars, human hair extensions are a good investment.

5. Are cheap hair extensions worth buying?

Let’s define cheap hair extensions: If “cheap” means “affordable”, Dollie hair extensions are “cheap”, made from the finest human hair and competitively priced. If “cheap hair extensions” are those made from synthetic or low-grade human hair, these are not worth buying.

6. Are Dollie hair extensions made from 100% human hair?

Absolutely! Dollie hair extensions are made from the finest 100% Remy human hair. Soft to touch and silky in appearance, our hair extensions are completely natural looking so no one will ever suspect they exist!


Hair Extension Care and Usage:


7. Who can wear hair extensions?

Women of any age who want to add volume and length to their hair can wear hair extensions. For women who want to dress up and have fun, clip in hair extensions, which are easy to remove and easy to change, are the best option.

8. When should hair extensions be worn?

Hair extensions should be worn whenever you want! Formal occasions can be dressed up with a hairpiece; everyday hair maintenance can be reduced with extensions, and changes of seasons can be celebrated with ponytails.

9. How do you apply hair extensions?

There are many ways to adhere the hair extensions to your scalp. Most should be done in a professional salon, while the clip in hair extensions can be quickly inserted at home:

  • Bonding—Bonding glue is applied onto the weft portion of the hair extension and then pressed into position at the root of your hair.
  • Weaving—This process is created using a cornrow or track around the head and close to the scalp. The hair weft is then sewn on to the tracks.
  • Strand-by-strand fusion—Done in small sections using heated adhesive sticks that have been placed in a glue gun, each strand-by-strand hair extension is added directly to your own hair.
  • Clip in—Using small snap-on clips that have been sewn onto the hair extensions, these can be quickly inserted into the hair without the help from a professional.

10. Are hair extensions permanent or temporary?

  • Permanent hair extensions—Hair extensions are never “permanent” in the true sense of the word but can last for months. Compared to clip in hair extensions, the bonding process used to affix hair extensions to the scalp has a much more “permanent” effect.
  • Clip in hair extensions—For those seeking a quick change that can be undone on demand, clip in hair extensions are the answer.


How should I care for my hair extensions?


Hair extensions are easy to maintain and instantly bring a new look to your life.

11. Can I colour hair extensions?

Yes. Hair extensions have already undergone a chemical process and are designed to accept colour change. You might want to test the colour on a few strands first to make sure the resulting shade is what you anticipate. We also recommend using a semi permanent colour as it is much more gentle on the hair extensions.

12. Can I straighten hair extensions?

Yes. You can straighten, blow-dry, curl, and style the human hair extensions, just as you would your own hair.

13. Can I swim with hair extensions?

Surf’s up! Go swimming, dance, jog, and live your life as you normally would with Dollie hair extensions.

14. What products can be used on hair extensions?

Stick to good quality products formulated for dry and damaged hair as they will keep the strands healthy and moisturized. Heat protectant serums and leave-in conditioners are also beneficial.

15. How long will hair extensions last?

Bonded hair extensions can last anywhere from several months to one year or more, depending on hair growth pattern, care (have them tightened periodically), quality, and your lifestyle. The average lifespan for hair extensions is three months.

16. How long does my hair have to be to wear hair extensions?

Your hair does not have to be very long to enjoy the beauty of wearing hair extensions. We’ve seen hair extensions applied to hair as short as 3” in length but recommend starting lengths of at least 6” for best results.


Buying Hair Extensions Online:


17. How quickly can I receive my Dollie hair extensions?

Australian orders will be delivered within 5-10 business days; international orders take approximately 12-15 days for delivery.

18. What’s the best way to buy hair extensions online?

By contacting Dollie Hair Extensions, you can find out exactly what you need before placing your order. Our knowledgeable customer support agents are standing by waiting to assist.

19. What forms of payment do you accept?

Dollie Hair Extensions accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

20. What is your refund and exchange policy?

Confident you’ll love your new hair extensions, we offer a no-nonsense money back guarantee. Please review our Returns and Exchanges section for more detail

What is the shipping cost?
All hair extension purchases include FREE shipping for Australian orders! We also offer 3 hour delivery to Sydney orders for an additional fee.

When will my order arrive?


Delivery time is 5-10 business days

USA & Canada

Delivery time is 12-15 business days.

Delivery time is 7-15 business days.

* Please note that delays can occur in customs and these delays are beyond our control.

Do you deliver to my country?

We delivery to all countries worldwide.

Do I have to pay import charges if I live outside of Australia?

Any customs or import duties are levied once the package reaches its destination country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they will be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. You may want to contact your local customs office for further information.

What if my item is lost?
If your product is lost during shipment, we will do our best to replace your product as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform Dollie if an order does not arrive. Once we learn an order has not arrived by the due date, we will lodge an enquiry with the postal company and a replacement product will be sent.

Our Customers Are Awesome

  • I received compliments on my hair all night.

    Rachel, Alexandria NSW

  • Amazeballs! These are so silky and thick. I think I'm in love

    Keeley, Baldivis WA

  • I have worn hair extensions for a few years now and Dollie are by far the best.

    Ciaron, Perth WA

  • As a hairdresser, I highly recommend these. My clients love them too. 

    Faye, Logan, QLD

  • No one can tell I'm wearing hair extensions, they look so natural. 

    Sarah, Hornsby NSW

  • One word. AMAZING. 

    Talia, Five Dock, NSWX

  • Unbelievable thickness! 

    Jessica, Cairns QLD

  • By far the best hair extensions I have ever purchased!

    Veronica, Elwood VIC