Winter Hair Care Tips July 08 2013

Fighting winter dryness can be an ongoing battle for all hair types. Whether you’re straight, wavy, kinky, or curly, the cooler temps and lack of moisture in the air can cause brittle hair that’s prone to breakage. But how do you keep your hair from losing that summer moisture? You can fight dryness in your hair by following these seven tips:

1. Moisturize
One of the more common ways to keep your hair from drying out is by using a quality moisturizer. You can spray it in or smooth it on before drying to close the cuticle and seal the moisture into every strand. If your hair tends to be on the curlier side, you may need a more penetrating moisturizer, as each kink and curl in your hair can make it more susceptible to breakage.
2. Upgrade your deep conditioner
Using a deep conditioner once a month? Think about using it every other week now that the air is so dry. Also, it’ll be worth your while to invest in a better deep conditioner. Nourish your hair with deep conditioners from Ojon, Keratase, Kiehl’s and Aveda.
3. Use a satin pillow case
It may sound ridiculous but sleeping on a satin pillowcase can actually help you retain moisture. Sleeping on your cotton pillowcases can absorb all the moisture from your hair, and cause friction! Your hair will glide off of the satin pillow case, thus avoiding friction and dryness.
4. Protect your hair!
Try protecting your ends with updos, buns and chignons. Although your cascading hair may turn many heads, exposing your hair to the chilly air can zap the moisture right out! Instead, experiment with braids and rolls!
5. Go easy with the heat tools
Just as cold air can dry out your hair, so can excessive heat. Use ceramic flat irons and curling rods, and use the lowest setting possible to dry your hair.
6. Use moisturizing oils
Coconut and olive oils are best for penetrating the hair follicle. It’s best to use them with water, or water soluble moisturizers. You can make your own leave in by mixing olive oil and water in a spray bottle to give your hair a quick boost, or, you can use coconut oil mixed with honey for a pre shampoo deep conditioner.
7. Try a moisturizing hair mask
As previously mentioned, you can use coconut oil and honey together as a conditioning mask, but have you ever tried yogurt, honey, and almond oil? Mix half a cup of plain yogurt, half a cup of honey, and one tablespoon of almond oil together and apply thoroughly and evenly to your hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes while you catch up on the latest celeb gossip. Continue with your regular shampoo and conditioning regimen, and enjoy your healthy, moisturized and GLOSSY hair! Experiment with other ingredients you find in the kitchen- eggs, mayo, and avocado.

Keep your hair looking fabulous during this cold weather with these easy steps. Don’t let the frigid air wreck your locks!

As always, stay tuned for more luscious hair tips soon!