Add highlights & colour with clip in extensions! June 28 2013

Clip in extensions allow you to upgrade your natural hair, adding color with ease minus the damaging effects of ammonia and other ingredients.

You can add flair to your hair on the weekends, for special occasions, or just for everyday. Add streaks or highlights in your favorite colors on Friday night, and get back to business casual by Monday!

Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your everyday look and give your hair a boost. Your goal should be to amplify your natural beauty! Add honey blonde highlights or chocolate lowlights. Try different samples to create an ombre effect. Do you want to be Rapunzel for a day? 20” clip in pieces will have you feeling amazing in minutes. These pieces are quite easy to use- just snap and go. Don’t worry about snagging your hair with the clips. We use hair clips that are very gentle on your hair and putting them in is a breeze. Simply part your hair where you’d like, insert the comb part of the clip, and then snap into place.

Clip in extensions have an advantage over traditional wefted pieces in that there is no messy glue to deal with. And who needs to worry about sweating? With clip ins, you can workout, hit the beach, or go dancing, and your hair will stay in place! Application and removal of the pieces is easy, and the more you do it, the faster you’ll be at installation. Changing up your style has never been more convenient! Remove the clips, and reuse them at any time.

Curling human hair extensions can add even more versatility to your style. In order to curl without disturbing the clips, you mustn’t part the hair. Instead, grab two inch sections and wrap around your curling wand. Hold for a few seconds and then release. You’ll have beautiful, sexy waves in minutes.

Keep your locks looking fabulous with these special tips:

1. Use a hair extensions brush to keep your hair from getting tangled.

2. Gently shampoo your extensions once a week, or as needed. There’s no need to be as vigorous on these extensions as you would be on your own hair. A simple handwashing in the sink will suffice.

3. Do not use hairspray or styling products with “hold”. These products can make your extensions sticky, and prone to tangling

For more tips on beauty and hair care, stay tuned!