Best Hair Extensions Tips June 24 2013

Easy to wear, 100% natural, and a great solution to a nasty haircut. Ah, yes. Hair extensions are certainly one of the finer things on this side of the Styx.

Sure, you technically don’t need them. You technically don’t need toilet paper or deep-dish pizza, either. But when you realize you can’t hold out any longer and decide that it’s about time to invest in a set you might want to consider the following. They might just be the best hair extensions tips you’ll hear.


1. Use the Colour Matching Service Instead of Crossing Your Fingers and Guessing.

Go on and take advantage of the colour matching service. After all, it’s free. Your extensions? Not so much. So don’t rely on guesswork and just submit your photo of your hair to us and let the experts evaluate it for you so you can order the right colour the first time around.


2. 100% Natural Hair Extensions Are Just Like The Hair on Your Head...

Indeed, just about anything you can do to your own hair you can do to your extensions. Curl, blow dry, wash, dye, or even chalk. The realm of possibilities stretches on for thousands of miles!

However. One must keep in mind that you shouldn’t do anything to your hair extensions that you wouldn’t do to your own hair. When applying something heated to them (such as a curling iron or blow drier) you should have a heat protection product in your hair. Both your natural hair and your extensions will tearfully thank you for taking precautions against the insidious heat damage. This will help add some longevity to them!


3. ...Except When They’re Not.

While you can feel free to do what you please with your hair extensions, special consideration must be made for the fact that when hairs are tugged from extensions they do not grow back. If they’re clip ins, you can simply remove them and use a special brush (also available from Dollie Hair Extensions, as luck would have it) made specifically for them. Don’t get overzealous; brush gently.


4. Get Ready To Rock The Extensions.

You were born glamorous, of course, but these extensions will act as a catalyst and allow you to cast a spell on all who would gaze upon you. Their stares will be locked upon you. In their world, only you and them will exist.


Yes. You will become a Lvl. 5 Silky-Haired Sorceress.

And with great power comes great responsibility. You must toss your head, strut your stuff, and show the world how great you feel about your new look. No point in being modest!

Now, were those the best hair extensions tips? Of course they were. Now go forth and make an informed decision when you order yourself a set today.