Real Hair Extensions - Buy 100% Natural Human Hair Extensions Online! November 14 2013

Real Hair Extensions 

What you need to know when purchasing hair extensions online
If you're a first time hair extensions wearer, it can be daunting making your first online purchase. Which store should I buy from? What length do I need? Can the hair extensions can treated like my own hair? Can I wash the hair extensions? And the list goes on.


One of the most important things to look for is purchasing real hair extensions that are made from 100% natural remy human hair.
Real hair extensions are extremely versatile and can be treated just like your natural hair. You can wash, straighten, curl, and even dye real hair extensions - making them the best type of extensions on the market!


Our 100% real hair extensions are available in 12+ shades including blacks, browns, reds, blondes and even pre-highlighted shades making it easy for you achieve a completely natural looking result. 


We also offer several types of hair extensions, depending on whether you're looking to wear hair extensions daily, or want the flexibility of taking them out when you wish. We have real clip in hair extensions for low fuss maintenance, and permanent hair extensions methods like keratin pre-bonded and micro loop extensions for day and night long hair heaven!


What ever type of hair extensions you are after, Dollie Hair Extensions can help you out. If you're unsure which type of hair extensions will work for you, simply email us at and we will help suggest a suitable option for you! :)