Ombre Balayage Clip In Hair Extensions December 06 2013

Get the million dollar celebrity look with ombre and balayage hair extensions - available for purchase through Dollie Hair Extensions in January 2014!
Dollie Hair Extensions is super excited to be launching a new balayage and ombre clip in extensions range in January 2014!
We will be stocking a large range of balayage hair extensions colours, making it easy for you to achieve that Hollywood look in a matter of minutes without needing to dye your natural hair! Whether your a blonde or brunette, we will have you covered with 7 different colour combinations guaranteed to add instant WOW factor to your hair. You will be able to buy balayage hair extensions in our popular 20" Deluxe Clip In Set which will be new & improved to have even MORE hair (over 200+ grams!) giving you unbelievable super thick volume.
Our balayage ombre clip in range will be made with 100% natural remy human hair, making to easy to curl and style the hair extensions with your natural hair.
Keep an eye out on our website for more news on our balayage clip in hair extensions range! 




Real Hair Extensions - Buy 100% Natural Human Hair Extensions Online! November 14 2013

Real Hair Extensions 

What you need to know when purchasing hair extensions online
If you're a first time hair extensions wearer, it can be daunting making your first online purchase. Which store should I buy from? What length do I need? Can the hair extensions can treated like my own hair? Can I wash the hair extensions? And the list goes on.


One of the most important things to look for is purchasing real hair extensions that are made from 100% natural remy human hair.
Real hair extensions are extremely versatile and can be treated just like your natural hair. You can wash, straighten, curl, and even dye real hair extensions - making them the best type of extensions on the market!


Our 100% real hair extensions are available in 12+ shades including blacks, browns, reds, blondes and even pre-highlighted shades making it easy for you achieve a completely natural looking result. 


We also offer several types of hair extensions, depending on whether you're looking to wear hair extensions daily, or want the flexibility of taking them out when you wish. We have real clip in hair extensions for low fuss maintenance, and permanent hair extensions methods like keratin pre-bonded and micro loop extensions for day and night long hair heaven!


What ever type of hair extensions you are after, Dollie Hair Extensions can help you out. If you're unsure which type of hair extensions will work for you, simply email us at and we will help suggest a suitable option for you! :)

Buy Hair Extensions Online August 29 2013

Buying hair extensions online can be tricky! We understand it can be difficult choosing which product, which colour and which length to buy online - especially if you are new to the world of hair extensions and have no idea where to begin. Rest assured, we at Dollie are here to make your hair extensions shopping experience as easy as possible :)
You can buy hair extensions online and at hair salons & beauty stores, however regardless of where to you decide to purchase, the most important factor to look out for is the quality of the hair. When you buy hair extensions online from Dollie, we will provide you with 100% natural remy human hair extensions made from the highest quality. Our hair extensions are resistant to tangling and are soft and shiny to touch.
Our hair extensions can be curled, straightened, washed and dyed just like your natural hair! Not only do we offer superior quality human hair, but when you buy hair extensions online from Dollie we also provide you with -
  •  Free shipping world wide - with free express shipping to Australia
  •  Free colour matching service to ensure you select the right shade
  •  Free gifts with every purchase
  •  7 day friendly customer support
If you choose to buy hair extensions online from Dollie, we also provide you with a several different length options so you can achieve the exact look you desire. Our current range includes 16", 20" and 24" length. If you're unsure which length of hair extensions to buy, feel free to email us and we would be happy to help you decide!
Whether you are looking to buy hair extensions online or are simply just researching more into hair extensions, it helps to have the above information on hand so it will help you make an informed decision :)

Tips for Curly Hair July 31 2013

Got curly hair? You know better than anyone that it’s a love/hate relationship. Some days, your curls and waves are a force to be reckoned with. Other days… well, not so much. Here are a few tips to keep your curly mane looking fabulous at all times!


1. Try a smoothing serum
Try John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair serum or Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to smooth away the frizzies and keep your ‘do sleek and shiny. You can use it to straighten out your curls or to give your curls a shiny boost!

2. Hands Off!
As amazing as your kinks and coils are, as much as you can, please keep your hands away from your hair! This rule is especially true for those with tighter curls. The more you touch your hair, the more you encourage the frizzies. Do your best to just admire your hair in the mirror and every window reflection! This rule also applies in the shower. There are dozens of commercials where the model piles her hair on top of her head, and then begins to scrub her scalp vigorously. With curly hair, this method can leave you with a tangled mess! Instead, try parting your hair down the middle, and smoothing the shampoo and conditioner through. Gently massage your roots to loosen the dead hair and cells.You’ll have less tangles, and less breakage.

3. Try a protein treatment
Give your zig zags a boost! Keep them strong and healthy with ApHogee 2-step Protein Treament, Redken Hair Mask for Damaged Hair Repair…. OR you can make your own! Take two eggs and mix in olive oil and honey and rake it through. Let it sit in for twenty minutes and then rinse! These treatments will help stop breakage.

4. Healthy curls start in the shower
Finding the right shampoo and conditioner can be tricky. How many times have we come home from the store with our latest find, only to realize later on that it left our precious curls crunchy, dry, or stripped? How many half bottles are lined up on the side of your tub? You’ve found out the hard way that what works for your girlfriends’ hair may not necessarily work for you. Look for shampoos that have a low amount of alchohol and –cone ingredients, as they can strip and weigh down your hair. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match your shampoos and conditioners!

5. Don’t weigh your hair down

It’s 2013 and there are literally millions of products out there to choose from… so why are you still rocking your crunchy, stiff curls from the 80s? In addition to trying the serums listed above, also try a light foam mousse to help define your curlies. The goal is to have effortless, carefree curls, not hard weighed down hair. Try TreSemme Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse or Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer


Winter Hair Care Tips July 08 2013

Fighting winter dryness can be an ongoing battle for all hair types. Whether you’re straight, wavy, kinky, or curly, the cooler temps and lack of moisture in the air can cause brittle hair that’s prone to breakage. But how do you keep your hair from losing that summer moisture? You can fight dryness in your hair by following these seven tips:

1. Moisturize
One of the more common ways to keep your hair from drying out is by using a quality moisturizer. You can spray it in or smooth it on before drying to close the cuticle and seal the moisture into every strand. If your hair tends to be on the curlier side, you may need a more penetrating moisturizer, as each kink and curl in your hair can make it more susceptible to breakage.
2. Upgrade your deep conditioner
Using a deep conditioner once a month? Think about using it every other week now that the air is so dry. Also, it’ll be worth your while to invest in a better deep conditioner. Nourish your hair with deep conditioners from Ojon, Keratase, Kiehl’s and Aveda.
3. Use a satin pillow case
It may sound ridiculous but sleeping on a satin pillowcase can actually help you retain moisture. Sleeping on your cotton pillowcases can absorb all the moisture from your hair, and cause friction! Your hair will glide off of the satin pillow case, thus avoiding friction and dryness.
4. Protect your hair!
Try protecting your ends with updos, buns and chignons. Although your cascading hair may turn many heads, exposing your hair to the chilly air can zap the moisture right out! Instead, experiment with braids and rolls!
5. Go easy with the heat tools
Just as cold air can dry out your hair, so can excessive heat. Use ceramic flat irons and curling rods, and use the lowest setting possible to dry your hair.
6. Use moisturizing oils
Coconut and olive oils are best for penetrating the hair follicle. It’s best to use them with water, or water soluble moisturizers. You can make your own leave in by mixing olive oil and water in a spray bottle to give your hair a quick boost, or, you can use coconut oil mixed with honey for a pre shampoo deep conditioner.
7. Try a moisturizing hair mask
As previously mentioned, you can use coconut oil and honey together as a conditioning mask, but have you ever tried yogurt, honey, and almond oil? Mix half a cup of plain yogurt, half a cup of honey, and one tablespoon of almond oil together and apply thoroughly and evenly to your hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes while you catch up on the latest celeb gossip. Continue with your regular shampoo and conditioning regimen, and enjoy your healthy, moisturized and GLOSSY hair! Experiment with other ingredients you find in the kitchen- eggs, mayo, and avocado.

Keep your hair looking fabulous during this cold weather with these easy steps. Don’t let the frigid air wreck your locks!

As always, stay tuned for more luscious hair tips soon!


Add highlights & colour with clip in extensions! June 28 2013

Clip in extensions allow you to upgrade your natural hair, adding color with ease minus the damaging effects of ammonia and other ingredients.

You can add flair to your hair on the weekends, for special occasions, or just for everyday. Add streaks or highlights in your favorite colors on Friday night, and get back to business casual by Monday!

Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your everyday look and give your hair a boost. Your goal should be to amplify your natural beauty! Add honey blonde highlights or chocolate lowlights. Try different samples to create an ombre effect. Do you want to be Rapunzel for a day? 20” clip in pieces will have you feeling amazing in minutes. These pieces are quite easy to use- just snap and go. Don’t worry about snagging your hair with the clips. We use hair clips that are very gentle on your hair and putting them in is a breeze. Simply part your hair where you’d like, insert the comb part of the clip, and then snap into place.

Clip in extensions have an advantage over traditional wefted pieces in that there is no messy glue to deal with. And who needs to worry about sweating? With clip ins, you can workout, hit the beach, or go dancing, and your hair will stay in place! Application and removal of the pieces is easy, and the more you do it, the faster you’ll be at installation. Changing up your style has never been more convenient! Remove the clips, and reuse them at any time.

Curling human hair extensions can add even more versatility to your style. In order to curl without disturbing the clips, you mustn’t part the hair. Instead, grab two inch sections and wrap around your curling wand. Hold for a few seconds and then release. You’ll have beautiful, sexy waves in minutes.

Keep your locks looking fabulous with these special tips:

1. Use a hair extensions brush to keep your hair from getting tangled.

2. Gently shampoo your extensions once a week, or as needed. There’s no need to be as vigorous on these extensions as you would be on your own hair. A simple handwashing in the sink will suffice.

3. Do not use hairspray or styling products with “hold”. These products can make your extensions sticky, and prone to tangling

For more tips on beauty and hair care, stay tuned!


Best Hair Extensions Tips June 24 2013

Easy to wear, 100% natural, and a great solution to a nasty haircut. Ah, yes. Hair extensions are certainly one of the finer things on this side of the Styx.

Sure, you technically don’t need them. You technically don’t need toilet paper or deep-dish pizza, either. But when you realize you can’t hold out any longer and decide that it’s about time to invest in a set you might want to consider the following. They might just be the best hair extensions tips you’ll hear.


1. Use the Colour Matching Service Instead of Crossing Your Fingers and Guessing.

Go on and take advantage of the colour matching service. After all, it’s free. Your extensions? Not so much. So don’t rely on guesswork and just submit your photo of your hair to us and let the experts evaluate it for you so you can order the right colour the first time around.


2. 100% Natural Hair Extensions Are Just Like The Hair on Your Head...

Indeed, just about anything you can do to your own hair you can do to your extensions. Curl, blow dry, wash, dye, or even chalk. The realm of possibilities stretches on for thousands of miles!

However. One must keep in mind that you shouldn’t do anything to your hair extensions that you wouldn’t do to your own hair. When applying something heated to them (such as a curling iron or blow drier) you should have a heat protection product in your hair. Both your natural hair and your extensions will tearfully thank you for taking precautions against the insidious heat damage. This will help add some longevity to them!


3. ...Except When They’re Not.

While you can feel free to do what you please with your hair extensions, special consideration must be made for the fact that when hairs are tugged from extensions they do not grow back. If they’re clip ins, you can simply remove them and use a special brush (also available from Dollie Hair Extensions, as luck would have it) made specifically for them. Don’t get overzealous; brush gently.


4. Get Ready To Rock The Extensions.

You were born glamorous, of course, but these extensions will act as a catalyst and allow you to cast a spell on all who would gaze upon you. Their stares will be locked upon you. In their world, only you and them will exist.


Yes. You will become a Lvl. 5 Silky-Haired Sorceress.

And with great power comes great responsibility. You must toss your head, strut your stuff, and show the world how great you feel about your new look. No point in being modest!

Now, were those the best hair extensions tips? Of course they were. Now go forth and make an informed decision when you order yourself a set today.

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